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Whizbang projects

I respect Jeff Knupp quite a lot. He's a great technical writer and constantly releases various awesome projects. I can't stress it enough, you should be reading his blog.

Especially his newest non-technical posted entitled You Need to Start a 'whizbang' Project Immediately.

Most software projects are created to solve rather pedestrian problems, and that's understandable. Programming languages, of course, are just tools. Most paintbrushes did not paint the Sistine Chapel. Most typewriters did not produce Moby Dick.

But at least one did, and that's why the whizbang directory exists on my computer (in fact, on all machines I control). I may use programming to make a living, but that doesn't excuse me from trying to use it to make a masterpiece.

Published: 06-02-2014 08:01:00