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Web Development

The majority of my web development portfolio is hosted on a PHP website I wrote while in college. It is maintained, but not actively developed anymore.

Below you'll find more information about web projects I actively maintain and older ones that have went off into Internet oblivion.


  1. hack.guides() is an open-source project I started and continue to maintain for Pluralsight. The project is written using Flask, Redis, Github API, and hosted on Heroku. You can see all the source on the official github project page.

  2. The website you're viewing right now is powered by syte, which is an open-source Django application that I've contributed to. My contributions include the markdown powered blogging and JavaScript plugin controlling the sidebar.


I worked throughout college at CTSI and did ASP development for years. The majority of the sites I developed are not available anymore. However, I've maintained a 'portfolio' over the years.

See all my previous unmaintained work at

Published: 01-03-2018 8:00:00