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Software engineers should write

I encourage you to read Software engineers should write. Programmers should constantly practice conveying their thoughts in a more concise manner. Luckily, it's new years resolution time. So, be sure to include some time to improve your writing.

Software engineers should write because it promotes many of the same skills required in programming. A core skill in both disciplines is an ability to think clearly. The best software engineers are great writers because their prose is as logical and elegant as their code.

Code and essays have a lot more in common. Both begin as a blank slate and an idea, then end as a discrete product for an intended audience. The product is a sequence of logical statements, bundled into modular units– whether it be functions or paragraphs. Like good prose, good code is concise (think “expressive”). Bad code wastes CPU cycles; bad essays waste brain cycles. The writer’s draft is the engineer’s prototype.

Published: 12-30-2014 19:54:00