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Sneaky PEP8

I'm a pretty strong PEP8 advocate. Yet, there are definitely times when I stray from the standard a bit, most notably when breaking lines to fit within 79 characters. However, I appreciate there's a standard for Python and do my best to live up to that.

Often times my team members and I fall short of this standard, and I find myself fixing up the code to be compliant. Possible regressions and meaningless diffs in the project repository are the biggest downsides of this practice. For example, I might be hunting a bug with git bisect and waste a bunch of time stepping through commits that are just style changes. [1]

The ideal situation is that style fixes only occur when you're already editing a specific section of code. Thus, you don't have a bunch of commits that are purely syntax tweaks. This is essentially the Boy Scout Rule of Software Engineering.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Well Andy Hayden probably agrees and so he wrote some code to do just that, fix PEP8 style issues around already modified code. Enter pep8radius.

It's a great idea, and pep8radius plays nicely with git and several other VCS systems. The script simply looks at the most recent diff and attempts to cleanup style issues without introducing any extra noise/lines to the diff.

Now you can slowly sneak PEP8 compliance into your project!

[1] To be fair, this isn't time completely wasted since style changes can easily inject their own bugs if you're not careful.

Published: 09-23-2014 05:58:20