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Python newbie mistakes

Great article on Python newbie mistakes by Amir Rachum. The article is a short read and has some nice realizations for new Python developers as well as seasoned veterans.

The first misconception is that Python, being an interpreted language (which is awesome, I think we can all agree), is executed line-by-line. In truth, Python is being executed statement-by-statement. To get a feel of what I mean, go to your favorite shell (you aren’t using the default one, I hope) and type the following:

def foo():

Press Enter. As you can see, the shell didn’t offer any output and it’s clearly waiting for you to continue with your function definition. It will continue to do so until you finish declaring you function. This is because a function declaration is a statement. Well, it’s a compound statements, that includes within it many other statements, but a statement notwithstanding. The content of your function isn’t being executed until you actually call it. What is being executed is that a function object is being created.

Published: 07-11-2013 14:44:00