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Python import best-practices

Ever been confused by Python imports or wanted to see a strong argument on how to do them right? If so, go read this great article on packaging python projects.

I've never read a better or more concise discussion of implicit relative imports, explicit relative imports, and absolute imports. I've read PEP 328 numerous times over the years, but the packaging article explains more with much less confusion.

I disagree with the author's ultimate guidance on always using the fully-qualified module name in imports. I've been on several projects where the top-level module has a name change or has an annoying, long name. So, I sometimes prefer to use explicit relative imports with the 'dotted' notation. However, as the author suggests, this choice is primarily an issue of style.

There is a strong case for using the fully-qualified module name. It's nice that all your imports are identical, including your test imports. In fact, your tests import the package exactly like 'real users' of your library. That's pretty powerful.

Published: 06-23-2014 18:50:59