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Python code quality

Here is a great read on python code quality.

One more quick disclaimer here - why do we care about code quality? Let's face it - there are two reasons that we need to improve the quality of our code. The first reason is that I suck. It's true! Sometimes I write really poor code; usually, even. There are lots of reasons; excuses really - maybe I'm exploring the problem space. Maybe I thought it would be a one-off script. Maybe I'm new to the language or the library. Maybe I'm under time pressure so I just want it to work. Maybe I just don't care.

The second reason is that you suck too. In fact the only code worse than my code is other people's code - and I'm confident that you all could make that statement yourselves.

I couldn't agree more. I've always really liked using pylint and pep8 to try and cleanup/standardize code. However, the above article mentions a few more tools I can't wait to try in some automated fashion to find code smells and refactoring opportunities:

Published: 04-10-2012 14:49:00