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Python 3 is fine

Here's a great article discussing the lesser represented side of the Python 3 debate entitled Python 3 is fine. The author makes a convincing argument and clearly points out something many people seemingly forget, Python is largely developed by volunteers for absolutely no money.

Many people, myself included, are paid to use Python. Often this group of people and their companies are complaining about the move to Python 3. Unfortunately, the fact is that those who complain most likely are not monetarily invested in the development of the language itself. Thus, the complaints about Python 3 are being made by people shouting from the sidelines attempting to steal even more free time from the developers.

The article also pinpoints several other good talking points, including the following:

If python2 is great, then there is no reason to convince the dev team to work on it, because it is great already. The only way to even advance the position that resources should be allocated to python2 development is to concede that there is something about it that is unsatisfactory that would justify additional work. And not just “a little bit” unsatisfactory, but so unsatisfactory that it justifies shutting down an entire ecosystem that is working out pretty well for the people currently using it.

The article is definitely worth your time, despite my disagreement where the author claims every single change in Python 3 is better and cites the changelog itself.

Published: 06-11-2014 19:54:00