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My PyTexas 2014 talk

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at my third straight PyTexas conference. The conference was inspiring, but I'll have a more detailed review up sometime in the next few weeks after I process all of my handwritten notes. For this post, I wanted to give a short description of the talk I gave this year.

My talk was around this idea I've been cultivating of writing dumb tests. I've always written tests for my work projects, but it's something I keep trying to improve upon. I have developed the habit of testing, but my techniques are still lacking.

I'm currently operating under the theory that many of my testing problems stem from writing clever, complicated tests. So, I spent a while going through old tests and noting mistakes or complications that lead to horrible debugging days.

Then, I got up on stage and broadcasted some of my testing problems.

I'm proud of how this talk came out. I strived to use less slides, less bullet points, and better storytelling. I'm constantly trying to improve how to convey ideas in text and presentations. So, I would love to hear your feedback.



Also, checkout out the references if you're interested in some of the articles and quotes that served as my inspiration for the talk.

Published: 10-11-2014 12:52:39