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Excellent Intermediate Python ebook

I was fortunate enough to serve as a Technical Editor on an excellent Python book written by Matt Harrison. First off, you should check out the book if you're a beginner or intermediate Python developer.

Treading on Python Volume 2: Intermediate Python will push beginners outside of their comfort zone and provide a great review for intermediate and advanced developers on the functional components of the language. I particularly enjoyed the tidbits in the book where Matt points out Python 3 differences. So, if you haven't used the functional components of Python 3 much yet this is worth the price alone.

Also, if you enjoy the book Matt has tons of other great content to keep you busy. Matt's blog has some good links on where to find some of his projects, etc. He's also contributed some great Pycon tutorials.

He's entirely too prolific for me to really keep up! So, if you're in the learning/reading mood here are a few more links to catch his teaching skills in action:

Published: 03-30-2013 02:43:52